Tigers in Five

Tigers in Five

When the Tigers slayed the Yankees (boo hoo) in the ALDS they reclaimed
their position as this year's Team Of Destiny.  Then they made
tidy business of sweeping the A's out of the way in the ALCS.  Jim
Leyland is among the game's very best managers.  He knows how to
bring out the best in his players, as well as being a master
strategist.  They had their one and only slump when the season was
in the final stages.  When it counted more than ever, they rose to
the occasion.

The Cardinals look good on paper.  But paper is not what wins:
heart, athleticism, determination and destiny are the essentials.

Tigers in Five.  If by some mistake of prognistication I am wrong, then Tigers in six.

The Detroit Tigers: Team of Destiny 2006.

Yanks and Mets: both have star Third Basemen who went to sleep in the
post-season.  One makes more money than any other ballplayer, the
other has a rich future ahead of him.  Joe Torre managed a laggard
and disabled Yankee team to the top of their Division and brought them
beyond all pundits' expectations.  Willie Randolph showed the
world he really could manage, and showed all those racist idiots who
didn't hire him in the past just what a mistake they'd made.

Subway Series next year?  More likely than ever, what with the two
Apple franchises feeling embarrassed by the ultimate outcome of the
2006 campaign.  The off season will be hotter than ever.

This year, though, belongs to Jim Leyland and The Tigers.  And this Yankee fan takes solace that an AL team will prevail.