September 2012

We Made This Movie

Worldwide Pants is the corporate entity for David Letterman's The Late Show, Craig Fergusen's The Late Late Show and other projects and productions. Late Show Executive Producer and Worldwide Pants CEO Rob Burnett produced a film, We Made This Movie, and here I sit in the legendary Ed Sullivan Theatre at a bloggers and NY Tech Community Screening.

Eleven Years

Eleven years ago it was September 11th. The September 11th permanently etched in our minds.

In New York it was a gorgeous morning, spectacular azure skies and early Fall temperatures.  It seemed a beautiful day was ahead.

Eleven years ago the world as we know it changed.  Changed forever.  Changed in horrible ways.  Thousands of lives lost.  Hundreds of First Responders ill or since dead from breathing in the dust.  Countless others wounded in NY, Washington and Pennsyvania.