Hello, again

The time may be right to resume blogging over here again. With some frequency, consistency, regularity, like the way back old days. It may just be retro Deanland time.


Way back in the early days of blogging, the late 1990s and early 2000s, this was a new and thrilling method of expression. Bloggers wrote about whatever tickled their fancy. Current events, sports (I had my Dean on Baseball blog, kind of sorry now that I let that one go) cell phones, philosophy, religion, politics, tech, pop culture, collectibles of all kinds, travel, movies old and new, music, food, you name it.  

Plus there were purely personal blogs. Some were like diaries, others just personal observations, the equivalent of OpEd pieces. Newspapers were still dominant, they often referred to blogs as weblogs, describing them as personal journals. It took a long, long time for papers to carry blogs.

Business didn’t discover blogs until much later.  That was a boon for consultants like me, guiding clients through what many perceived as the incongruous maze of Social Media.

Re my blog, I loved the ability to write, unfettered. Free to express whatever struck me at the moment. Between Deanland (the blog, not what has since become my social media moniker) and Dean on Baseball, I was happy as could be, when fingertips took to keyboard, knocked out a post, uploaded it and there it was, on the web for all (who might click on it) to see.

Then along came Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, MySpace, and countless others. Loads of them fell like flies, others got swallowed up by bigger and better (sic) players in the game.  Facebook and Twitter are the winners, the predominant leaders in the conversant social media space. It’s as if they now own the space, they make the rules, they determine the format of expression. Of course, we also know that change is a constant in the everchanging world of the Web. Remember Compu$erve? There are generations (Millennials, Gen Z) who have no clue as to the one-time online communications dominance of AOL.

All of that is what has me thinking about returning to this blog.  On Facebook there’s no way to put links throughout the course of a post. Just one link, which appears as the one and only graphic.  No way to add a graphic plus a separate link. Or two graphics, multiple links, etc.

There this, too: I’m of a mind to write more. But not to write more on Facebook. More of a mind to write here, and link to it on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll continue to write about baseball on Facebook. I’m an admin on a Yankees group there, that’s fun, I’ll continue with that.

A certain mindset, that same sort of energy I felt back in the early days of blogging seems to be returning. Let’s give it a go.


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