February 2010

Buzzing, Waving, Googling.

Buzzing. Waving. Googling.

BzzzzzzOn the phone with my friend and colleague Catherine Ventura the other day, after discussing the focus and path of a project, we got to talking about meetings, recent topics of conversation in our worlds, and what's hot out there in the tech & geek world.  "What's your take on Google Buzz?" Catherine asked me.  As fate would have it, except for the chat on last week's Yi-Tan call on this subject, I'd barely thought much about Buzz.  I'd tweeted about the woman who felt so totally violated by the initial release and information blast setup, retweeted  John Blossom's tweet linking to a post on it, or made a casual observation, but otherwise had just paid it little mind.  But as happens, once Catherine and I began to talk, it dawned on me what I actually thought about Buzz, and the buzz on buzz.  At Catherine's suggestion (urging?), I am blogging about it, posting it as she suggested.