Oh, It Drives Me Nuts

My Drupal setup is broken. Some server issue. I have no idea how to fix it. My guess is the alert part that renders when the blog is visited will go away once I clean out all the Spam messages. That worked once before.

But ... last time I tried to do that, it wouldn't let me do that. Yeah. Locked out of capability on my own blog due to some glitch.

Where can I find someone who REALLY KNOWS THEIR STUFF around a server and around Drupal to help me out of this? Technical assistance is n order. Know such a person?

I know enough to be dangerous. Yeah, I fix lots of problems like this, but on a much smaller scale. I wouldn't trust myself to tackle this one. If someone else asked me to take a look at a problem of this sort, I'd take a look-see, then recommend they find someone else. Someone with server and Drupal skills far beyond what I can offer. Tech support on a higher scale.

Damn! I'm not even certain my backups are in order due to this issue.

All suggestions welcome.


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