October 2004

1989 Honda Accord: Rest In Peace

1989 Honda Accord: Rest In Peace

Car Wreck Log

Accord Breakdown Log: October 25, 2003

6:00 PM Driving in, listening to 6PM news on the radio.

6:01 PM Hear funny clicking then chopping noise in car.

6:02 PM uh oh, car trouble.

6:03 PM See blog for details of critical moments

6:04 PM Take deep breath, feel fortunate to be in one piece.

6:05 PM Call AAA to report accident and have them arrange tow, even though they donít have tow authorization on Palisades Parkway. Logic: get the call in, get a ref number, start the process.

6:06 PM Find out AAA didnít renew me automatically.

Is this a redirect? http://deanland.weblogs.com is now http://deanland.buzzword.com

The purpose of this little blip on the net is to see if using the
STORIES utility in the Manila blogging software will enable those of us
who lost our old weblogs.com  URLs to create our own indirect sort
of redirect.

Got that?

Perhaps you recall the fomer URL of Deanland. It was http://deanland.weblogs.com



If you read the papers, watch TV, listen to
radio, or get your news from the web, by now you know that last night
there was an event of historic proportion, of great magnitude, causing
sadness all over the world for Yankee fans.

Baseball as Religion


Some have theistic faiths.  Some believe in natural phenomena as
the basis for the spiritual paths they choose to follow.  Some
people change faiths at points in their lives when they feel they have
found a truer calling, answer, or path.