September 2007

Let Me Get Back To You On That

Let Me Get Back To You On That

Earlier this evening, while watching the Yankee game, reading e-mail, working on a project due any moment now . . . I was also speaking with a friend who holds a Ph.D in Psychology and wrote a thesis on Procrastination.  The topic of conversation had turned to that very subject.  Let me tell you more about that. 

But I'll have to do that later.

Another Year (older? wiser?)

Note to readers: this post began composition on the eve of Rosh Hashanah.  But life trumps blogging, and it managed to take a few days to make it to the blog as a published post.  So go back in time a few days for proper timeline perspective, and read to your heart's (eyes?) delight.  Shana Tovah to all.

Another Year (older?  wiser?)