December 2003

The Angel of Death


NO! The Angel of Death did not visit DeanLand (or me, Dean, either).

There is a very long post, soon to be put in this space. But it was not completed when I had to drop everything and board a plane.

So it hopped onto a floppy, traveled across the ocean, and is sitting in a valise. My laptop is sufferfing from Microsoftitis, that disease in which XP fails, and then locks itself up so that all attempts to repair it end up redirected to where the problem was in the first place.

Nailing It and The Turkey Trot

Nailing It and The Turkey Trot

GekkoBlue Nails It.

Over on the GekkoBlue blog you can see the finest graphic of the year. An early Christmas Present, perhaps. Wishful thinking. The kind of thing that would put me back among those who believe in God, religion, and all that sort of stuff. GekkoBlue grabbed it from the ever-entertaining FARK site.