. . . Because It Works

. . . Because It Works

Sometimes you read a blog entry and think, wow, this is really well said.  Here's a link to a December post in Sean Bohan's blog that is a case in point.  Reading recent entries in Sean's blog it seems as though he was foreshadowing discussion topics covered at Jeff Pulver's all day event at CES this past Wednesday, Social Media Jungle.

Sean refers to a Chris Brogan blog post and discusses context, immediate and future value, and the difference between New Media and the various forms of communications often referred to as Legacy  Media (network television, billboard advertising.  Sean calls it "traditional methods" and observes that many of these are not going away.  This is an important point, often overlooked by the Digerati.  Old media is not dissappearing.  Convergence is a critical consideration when using meda (all sorts!) to reach whatever the target audience (viewer, reader, driver, player, etc.) may be.

Also adding to Sean's post is a really cool graphic he used to emphasize his point.  Here's an oversized thumbnail of the picture, "Little Guy on Subway With a Bag of Money."  There was a time when I rode the NYC subways every day, for years and years.  Somehow I never saw this guy: 

You can see the full sized graphic over on his blog, so check out Sean's post.  And maybe we can get Sean speaking at future Social Media Jungle events.  Jeff is planning them for all over the country over 2009.  Sean would be a worthy addition.

Coming soon: a recap of Social Media Jungle at CES, and some interesting plans for the year.