Blogospheric call for RSS/XML Tech Support!!

Blogospheric call for RSS/XML Tech Support!! 
Please Help!

Of late I've been working on a variety of consulting projects. 
Podcasting projects occupy a good amount of my time, as have, recently,
Blog Guidance and Consulting, as well as work with regard to selection
and use of applications, StrategicPlanning, Change Management, Thought
Leadership, Marketing, Newtech/New Media in the new world (isn't that a groovy sounding description?!),
and some Telecom work.  These are areas in which I have
background, strength, and can be of assistance and value to
others.  Some people call them core competencies.  Of course,
that term always makes me think of people who run apple orchards.

Writing XML is not one of my strong points.  Creating a proper RSS
feed in the existence of a technical brainteaser is one of those
situations in which I, your loyal, trusty, hardworking consultant . . .
look to others for consulting help.

I need some expert advice on proper XML construction for a complicated
podcasting project.  Much as the XML seems to pass muster as
written, the result is a mish-mash
(pun not intended), apparently the parsing
or the code is somehow falling short.  Click-throughs are not
yielding the proper download or info.  This could be due to an
iTunes tech spec, or some other limitation.   Whatever it is,
it is beyond my scope.

So this post is a blogospheric call for help.  If you can help, send an e-mail to me at deanrequestsrssxmlhelp@gmail.comSurely there are members of the blogosphere who can help me solve this perplexing brainteaser!

I can produce the podcasts, engineer them so the sound quality and
formatic elements flow without audio fatigue.  I can edit, take
long recorded sessions and create multiple casts to enable ease of use
and enjoyment for the listeners.  A better listening environment,
this is key, just as it always was in the many years I programmed and
marketed radio stations.  I can make marketing suggestions
and work on using podcasts and blogs as part of one's marketing
campaign, or just as a facet of plain old information

But I am stumped when it comes to correctly editing the XML for the RSS
feed for  a certain intricate multiple-element podcast.

Can you help?  I can send the RSS/XML file, I can call you or
Skype you (and use the Skype P2P file transfer to send the files) to
discuss the specifics.  I can also
suggest what I think is the problem, although if this is correct I am
uncertain what the fix-it steps would entail.  

you would like to offer some assistance, or perhaps suggest to someone
more geekily adroit (than I) that they read this and want to volunteer, the way to get in touch is to please send me an e-mail.

Funny thing about this: while doing some of the consulting work
described above, two people referred to me as their "geek
consultant."  Now look who needs geekier help!!

Thanks in advance
to all.