Super Genius Session 3: Brendan Hart

11:18 AM Tuesday, July 20, 2010.  Next session here at #Supergenius: Brendan hart from National Geographic.  "How to Be Awesome on Twitter and Facebook."  The snark in me says this can't be taught.  One either knows, or has the creative juice, or doesn't.  You can't teach certain characteristics.  But let's see what Brendan has to say.

He's talking about the Media Mix, to facilitate a two way dialog. The Strategic Foundations:

  • FB and Tw are two different platforms with different sets of characteristics.  
  • Build the core team around authentic voice.  
  • Define the unique customer proposition.  
  • Have a fan first contact strategy.  
  • ROI is a critical focus.  
  • Paid versus Organic Growth.

Every day we are all competing for consumer mindshare.

Good for Brendan!  He notes that ROI differs for each user. that the metrics and monitoring tools offer different but sometimes complementary data.

National Geographic has 1.5 million Facebook fans.  It appeals to a specific audience, and the goal is to protect and preserve the brand.

Lots of comments on photos appear around teh pictures.  Good use of Facebook as a platform for National Geographic.  Photos drive FB "likes" and comments.

Twitter for NG is quick in/quick out.  Mini conversations.  Promote, be provocative.  NG is on many lists, many of which are bots.  How to get a call to action, get a "wow" via Twitter?  The idea is to get them to vome back over time, to take action.   Get email and inteeraction, convert those to subscribers (in this case, "members").

Created a "Tip of The day,' a Friday Fun fact.  Example: a human being could swim through the veins of a blue whale.  Solidifies the brand and is interesting.

Not using FriendFeed, so the tactics and content on FB and TW are not the same.  Different tactics for different user experience(s).  Provide benefit.  

The Key Lessons:

  • Follower feedback is the guide to becoming awesome
  • Tracking an d testing should drive your content promotion strategy
  • Developing your voice is key to building loyal followers.

Socil Media is not an advertising format.  Beware of gimmicks as a marketing tool.


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