Session: Word of Mouth on Zero Budget

9:36 AM Tuesday, July 20, 2010. Saul Colt (@saulcolt) from Thoora.  Live the life of your customers.  Fight for what they care about and be an advocate of their voice.

Saul was a little late getting here.  His open and his connection with the room was excellent.  Funny, and self effacing.  Getting into his slide presentation he is engaging, but his off the cuff is far superior to the powerpoint.

Saul began the roll out of ZipCar in Canada.  He bartered services for the rock show they hosted for the Candian debut of of Zip Car.  Do interesting things, he says, and tells us that he has made a life of just this.  Do interesting things with dead inventory. 

Leverage dead inventory.  Do interesting things with your customers.  Everything you do without a budget should be about and include your customers.  Be their advocate: including your customers is the same as fighting for them.  

Opportunities are everywhere, can be big or small.  Try 100 things.

Competitors can't steal how you treat your customers and how they feel about you.

The 4 E's:






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