Quick Update

Quick Update

Why no update since Thursday? Well, there's this Norton Firewall program, which I was giving a test run. Don't really like it. Decided to turn it off. Guess what?

It turns itself back on, in the background, and prevents "referrers" from being sent, thus disabling the ability to update this or any other blogs.

Important sidenote re this little mishap: the Manila Newbies list rushed to my rescue with helpful hints and was right on the money in diagnosing the problem. Love that Manila Newbies and Radio Userland Help quote: "We're all newbies here!"


It says NEW YORK in Chinese on the front.  On the back it has the Yankees logo.  That says it all, ai yah! Guest Blogger (identity still not made public) was very busy over the past week. Plane reservations, trip planning, working for a living, and so forth got in the way. To quote Guest Blogger's baseball analogy, she "fell behind in the count" this past week. And, of course, there was a big reunion party of sorts where she works one evening last week, and that took time, too.

Will Guest Blogger write her entry this week? Will her friends across the ocean who read this space urge her to do so? Will members of her family who drop by this space from time to time send her encouragement? Keep checking back to learn of the progress of this eagerly anticipated entry!


Last week in this space there was mention made of the Media Reform petition, an attempt to get a million or more signatures from people like you and me and that guy over there and those other people . . . to show Congress that millions of us out there are opposed to the Powell-FCC Big Media Giveaway, otherwise known as the FCC Proposed Rulemaking, currently underway, and to be passed and enacted into law... UNLESS we the people, and then our mandated Congressional representatives, make our voices heard and put an end to this foolishness.

Here's a link to Friday's NY Daily News Op-Ed piece opposing the FCC action, co-written by a Conservative and a Liberal.

This is a bipartisan issue. People from all walks of life and of all different political leanings oppose this Power Grab, a gift to his sponsors by Michael "hire me when I leave here" Powell.

Sign the petition!

Common Cause also has a handy page on how to make your voice heard on this issue. The page urges readers to fight the proposed veto. Click here and see it for yourself. Please note: this is a different petition, not the Media Reform petition discussed hereabouts. Sign them both!

Lisa English, in her Ruminate This blog, has a good read on the Media Giveaway. It was originally posted on July 23rd, so use this link to go right over to it.