Please read the following, which came via e-mail today from MediaReform.net:

Subject: [FP E-Act] Help finish the FCC fight

Because millions of Americans took the time to petition their
legislators and the FCC, Congress is now on the brink of overturning the media ownership rule changes.

The FCC decision was a blatant power grab by media industry lobbyists and their pro-business Washington allies. Big Media lobbyists are now making a full-court press to keep the new rules and expand media monopolies. Together we can stop them.

Please go to: http://www.mediareform.net/petition. It only takes a minute.

If we can get 1 million signatures demanding a rollback of the new rules, Congress will be forced to act in the public interest.

This is a new petition. We need everyone to sign it now, including
those who signed previous FCC petitions. Please send this alert to your friends, family, colleagues and email lists.

A self-governing and free society requires an open, fair, and
representative media system with the widest possible dissemination of diverse, local, and independent information and ideas.

Whether Congress legislates to overturn the new FCC rules, passes a
resolution nullifying the FCC action, or votes for a spending bill that accomplishes the same result, the public demands - indeed our democracy demands - a total rollback of the June 2 rule change.

Go to http://www.mediareform.net/petition

For more information on media reform and how to get involved, go to

Freepress_E_Activist mailing list




Your voice counts. Your opinion counts. Let your Congressional Representative know how you feel.

This is a continuation of the rising of the public ire to overturn the Powell/Bush Media Giveaway to Big Busine$$.

Do it now, donít put it off. Make your voice heard.

Send this to like-minded people, all over the country.

Letís do our part to enable (or, better put, to mandate)Congress to stop the Big Busine$$ Bushonomics Powell Giveaway. This rollback is just what the administration needs to see.

Dubya will have a hard time likening this outpouring of public opinion to a focus group he feels unworthy of his attention, treating the organized and vocal opposition as though it is just some gimmickry to ignore.

Consider this a call to action. The constituency can prevent this tomfoolery from becoming law.

Disclaimer: the italics and underline in the MediaReform e-mail are mine. The e-mail came in plain type. It did seem worth stressing, do I did just that. Now do your part and sign the petition! Thanks.