Magazine Death

Magazine Death

Maybe this would be more aptly titled "Death Magazine."  Last week the snail mail brought a glossy four color pitch for a new magazine: obit: revealing lives.

I am invited to receive the premiere issue and to review it, for free
no less!  Obit, it seems, and tells me on the paraphernalia
contained in this lovely, glossy flyer," is a ground-breaking magazine
that will challenge me to think about life in provocative new ways.
"Further, by reading this magazine about people who have died, it tells
me that "the stories and ideas in this new magazine will inspire you to
ive your own life in a richer and more satisfying way

gee, that's a selling point.

Is this a magazine about dead people, or some sort of snake oil or
wonder drug?  If I read it, will I be able to hit more home
runs?  Never mind that last question,  I am not here to talk
about the past.

This magazine sseems to be a modified print version, a character study
take on the History Channel.  Portraits (er, extended obits?) of
recently departed persons of note will fill the pages.  Will they
have features, possibly on the website, such as "Great Deaths on This
Day" or "Today in Obit History?"  Will there be humor, and will
that be "drop dead funny?"

It promises stories about people who died this month - and 50 years
ago.  The idea is that obituaries are usually just brief
descriptions, and that obit will offer detailed coverage, thoughtful
and complete.  Yeah, it tells me that, too, in the pitch letter.

It also has these emboldened centered topic headers, such as

Why Obit's stories are more satisfying

Obit has a sense of humor

and the killer one (sorry, I couldn't resist)

Are you ready for Obit?

Well, gee.  I sure hope not.  Oops, there I go taking the question a little too literally.

Will this magazine make it?  Or will it end up in the print morgue
along with a zillion other attempts and ideas at publications that
didn't make the grade?  Who knows, if it does not make it, will
other magazines, such as Editor & Pubisher,  carry an obit for Obit?