. . . As I Was Saying

. . . As I Was Saying

Yes, it has been a long time since posts.   Life gets in the
way of blogging from time to time.  Professional and personal
pursuits have been plentiful, so that's the easy out for not
posting.  But the reality is this: it requires considerable mental
energy to wordsmith a post worthy of  reading.  Sure, I could
toss up a few links and referrals, or just write about the weather or
what I had for lunch (overcast & cool; spicy beef with asparagus).  But
the purpose of this blog has never been to win any SEO battles or to
waste the readers' time.

Numerous blog posts were composed in my head, but it really took a
while until I had the time and inclination to sit back down at the
keyboard and get back to blogging.  And here I am, and yet the
humor of it all is that I have dinner cooking, and will have to stop
when the bell rings.

Disk Discovery

This past week found me needing to compose some written pieces. 
The content of two of these pieces was remarkably similar to some work
I had done many years ago.  The best course of action seemed to be
to find the old work, and then perhaps use it as a template, a guide,
or at least to help me frame the pieces to start anew.

Back when those files were saved, it was to floppy disks.  This
work even predated zip drives, so I had to search through countless
floppy disks to see where, or even if, I'd be able to find them. 
So I ended up digging through what seemed like hundreds of disks. 
Some were well labeled, others just had labels with cryptic
notes.  Then there were the not-so-cryptic but not very specific
one with labels reading  "DL telcom/radio client files" and then
the dates.

So into the drive they would go, one by one.  View the directory
of each disk, and inevitably, find all sorts of interesting reading,
until finding the original files and sort of archived writing
originally sought.

I found copies of e-mail from ages ago.  Old Broadcast Forum and
other CompuServe Forum files I'd stored for posterity.  Client
memos I had zero recollection of having written, and scads of business
paperwork saved to disk that no longer seems to be of intrerest,
concern or even worth keeping around.

But the letters, and the old files -- these were fasinating, captivating, eye-opening.

Ah, there's the dinner bell.  To be continued.