Change of mind, change of style. Rather than complete the session by session sort of report (hmm, is that a journalistic term?), which can be found all on blogs over the place, it feels like a better idea to post some comments on the sessions, the overall tone of the meeting, and also to offer some reaction and discussion regarding the many people there.

I come to this decision in that I have been posting comments and responses all over the blogosphere regarding BCII, and it has actually assisted me in getting clarity in my own experience. Additionally, it diluted the need or urge to ogffer here what is already all over the blogspace to be seen. So timing and an abundance of available and pre-existing wrap-ups have altered my focus.

For an excellent guide to reporting, blogging, reacting, and all sorts of BloggerCon II coverage, check out this posting by Tara of - hers is as good and comprehensive a list as one can hope to find.

About the attendees: some of those people are bloggers with whom I was familiar although I'd never met before; others were new names to me, and some were people I never heard of, never read, never knew anything about whatsoever.

There were also some people I knew from, or had originally met, at the October BloggerCon. As fate would have it, I do indeed know some of the attendees from what one might call my "real life." And some I know from reputation, be it as a blogger, as a person in their field, or some combination of both or maybe even of more than that.

I'll start with the sessions, then get to the people.

But, as was the case with the prior post, there's no time to blog this right now. Business has occupied most of the hours of my day, and between business, watching some or all of the Yankee games, and sleep, blogging is taking a back seat. Until this becomes a primary source of income for me, that's the way it must be.

As once said by the governor of California: "I'll be back!"