County Legislature says NO to war!

"Just Say No"

This is the sort of news story that makes me happy to live in this suburban county.

Does The Heart Grow Fonder?

Yes, no blogactivity for quite some time. I missed posting on Chinese New year, Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, Lincoln's real birthday, Presidents Day.

Funny thing is, I had lots to say.

And there are a bunch of posts in varying forms of readiness, waiting to be published. Add to that a slew of topics and ideas not yet committed to the leyboard, just notes or concepts, laying about.

I blame it all on my knee and the medication.

The mailbag has been ripe with people offering suggestions or points of note regarding knee replacement surgery, knee woes, what to watch out for, and all sorts of remedies. Thank you one and all.

Update: the doctor says Total Knee Replacement is not called for at this time. Soon it will be, but the deterioration is not to the point of the necessity of a replacement. There's virtually no cartilage, considerable damage, and a severe Arthritis attack to boot (yes, a groaner of a pun).

..this is what enables me to be somewhat ambulatory these days. So I remain on the pain killers, still use the crutches to get around, and am doing the exercises. The purpose is to strengthen the knee in general, and to postpone replacement for as long as possible. The exercises are extremely difficult and very painful, but clearly there is an improvement. As the old saying goes, no pain, no gain.

I always hated that statement. Now more so than ever.

The degree of general, ongoing (howling!) pain has lessened considerably. The ability to walk has improved. I can get around on one crutch pretty well, but not so well using just the cane. If I walk for any distance, both crutches become necessary. As in when we went to the grocery store before the blizzard.

The medicine throws off the sleep schedule. The anti-inflammatory meds mess with the stomach. But somehow, in my generally immobile state, I have managed to take off some weight! Yes, it is the new "immobility and pain weight loss plan!"
It is also one of those "diets of the last resort."
My audition for the Rockettes will just have to remain on hold.