A Countdown & A Chuckle

A Countdown & A Chuckle

Were you aware that we are now in the interregnum?   The period between the election and inauguration is known as the interregnum. Here's how dictionary.com defines it:



noun, plural -nums, -na

[-nuh] .

1. an interval of time between the close of a sovereign's reign and the accession of his or her normal or legitimate successor.
2. any period during which a state has no ruler or only a temporary executive.
3. any period of freedom from the usual authority.
4. any pause or interruption in continuity.

And thus describes this moment in time.  Cabinet and other such departmental chiefs are named.  News sources describe them and then pundits weigh in on the pros and cons from their point of view.  And what do the real people do?  They sit and wait.

Countdown Time
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We are actually at a time of interregna, as there are a few events of suspense and external action which precede the events that mark the beginning of a new term or season.  Between today and the inauguration: 38 days.  Something good for Washington residents to look forward to; a very sad consideration for people in Dallas and Crawford.  As it usually goes, one neighborhood gets better, another (in this case, two) gets worse.  Between today and the day Pitchers and Catchers report to Spring Training: 62 days.  Now that the C.C. Sabathia sweepstakes are over and proper order seems restored to Free Agency in Major League Baseball, we can count those days and look forward to change we can believe in.

Chuckles from Canada

My friend Marilyn in Montreal can be counted on to keep the email inbox packed with good jokes.  Some people always send jokes, but the hit rate might not be too high.  Marilyn has a great batting average.  I'd link to her, but she has no site.  And so, for your reading entertainment, and in keeping with the themes of this blog post, from Marilyn in Canada comes this funny:

An Israeli doctor says "Medicine in my country is so advanced that we
take a kidney out of one man, put it in another, and have him

looking for
work in six weeks."

'A German doctor says 'That is nothing; we can take
a lung out of one

person, put it in another, and have him looking for work in
four weeks.

The Russian doctor says 'In my country, medicine is so
advanced that we

can take half a heart out of one person, put it in another,
and have

them both looking for work in two weeks.'

An American Texan
doctor, not to be outdone, says 'You guys are way

behind; we recently took a
man with no brains out of Texas, put him in

the White House for eight years,
and now half the country is looking for