Cool Image on a Hot Day

Cool Image on a Hot Day

Record setting temperatures, a heat wave, 'real feel" versus actual degrees make it seem to be over 100 -- and humidity so thick one needs a machete to walk from here to there!

The local appliance stores are out of air conditioners, but a nearby Home Depot has a bunch of the very poorest model, one with only a 12 month warranty on the compressor. Feh on that.

So what's one to do? Watch the news? Havana is a hot spot, with news of Fidel's operation and temporary transfer of power to brother Raoul. We snarky New Yorkers call this a Castro Convertible. Other news: Hezbollah and Israel wage war and waste lives, in what seems intent to preserve the animus and prevent peace at all costs. Cyclists and footballers are apparently doping, or perhaps are just dopes.

One needs to cool off during all this! So the only wise move seemed to be a post of this picture from New Year's Eve last December. Look at that snow, the cloudy sky, the desolate road. Ahh, it sends the thermometer downward, with but a mere glance.

Today is August 1st. Two months from now we will be thinking about pending snowfall, changing to cold weather mode and preparing for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Time marches on!!