Things To Do On Facebook When You're Dead

This was posted on Facebook as a status update.  But it just makes so much sense to post it on the blog.  And who knows ... on Facebook it might cross over to the other world!



My friend Stu just called.  His friend Glenn, who died about 7 months ago, apparently is active on Facebook.  Either this is a hack, or Glenn has come back.

Stu never uses Facebook.  Never.  He only joined in order to look at Glenn's  page when he received an email from Glenn alerting him to some pictures being shared there.  And only there.  And only then did Stu ever visit Facebook.

Those pictures, Stu felt, foreshadowed Glenn's demise, but that's a different story.

Stu hasn't been back on FB since Glenn's death.  Not once, not at all.  As in NEVER, since Glenn died.

Today Stu received an email alerting him to the fact that "Glenn added friends you may know."  Wow, that Glenn, even from the other side, he's still adding friends to his Facebook account.  Way to go, Glenn.  That's some Social Media power use, for sure.

Uh, maybe, 'way to go, Glenn' is not the best wording.  But how else to cheer such an accomplishment?

So how could this have happened?  And why would FB feel the need to tell total non-FB-user Stu of this?  Yes, we know, Facebook sends out those annoying nudges to users, and tries to get attention paid to, and time spent with it on the increase --  better for ad sales.  And it costs nothing to use it, so most just accept this. Many are unaware of this even being a trade-off.

Meanwhile, though, back to Stu, who still has not interacted with FB since Glenn's death.  Rather than log on to FB, he called me, his reliable online Interactive and Social Media maven, to see if I had any ideas.

My idea was to share this.  And see if anyone else might be hearing from someone named Glenn who died about seven months ago.