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Huh? Wha? Still a Work In Progress (on my part, anyway!)..

Obviously I haven't gotten this weblog editing thing down yet.

I wrote the hanging chad piece (see directly below)intending for it to be posted with today's date, and the Sunday piece to remain in place. Somehow or another it replaced the Sunday piece, and nothing appeared in this space. Until now, of course, as I edit this page, which was supposed to be that page.

Try to follow this: The Sunday piece is Wednesday's piece. The Friday piece is actually the Sunday and the Friday pieces.

Got it?

A Truly Hanging Chad

During the holiday trip to Florida (as referenced below) there were a few trips to various places to shop. Yeah, to shop, even though it was smack dab at the eleventh hour of the holiday season.

At one point we bought something at Costco which we later had to return. By this time we were between Christmas and the New Year, and one would think Returns would be a nightmare! But no, it was a simple, smooth transaction.

At the Returns area we were waited on by a Costco employee fellow named Chad.


There we were in South Florida.

Like Father, Like Son

Okay. The Bar Mitzvah came and went. Elias did a great job. The more he was up there, the greater his composure and confidence. And you should have seen the suit he was wearing! I am incredibly proud and kvelling like crazy.

There was the ceremony (make that ceremonies) at the Saturday Morning Service, then the Kiddush afterwards, then some time to change, rest, get ready, followed by a dinner that evening. Sunday brought another party; this one the "Kids' Party," at an arcade and sports club sort of place.

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