July 2005


I Think I'll Melt Now

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"DL & Susan at Katz's Jan 2004"

Pictures of Susan & Dean, et al

Here we are, enjoying another winning effort, courtesy of our favorite group of players, the once and future World Champions, the beloved New York Yankees.

Wal*Mart Removes Love From the Aisles

Wal*Mart Just Can't Make A Commitment

Singles Shopping, an idea introduced and then nixed by Wal*Mart, might just be the cause of some recent heartbreak. 

It began in  June.  Love bloss

Beamed Up For Good

The Ultimate Beam-Up

Almost Ready to Go Public


Thank you, Rogers Cadenhead

A Little History

DeanLand, the blog, began a good few years ago.  The first incarnation was around 1999, using either Pita
or Pyra, not sure which exactly.  Actually, I think I used both at
one time or another.  The user interface and what appeared to be a
more "for the geeks" sort of application warded me off, as I am an apps
guy, not a geek.

Well burble my Register, old chap!

Well burble my Register, old chap!

I've been disssed.  Quoted and dissed, and out of context no
less.  And not even quoted with attribution -- sort of a drive-by
insult.  Or perhaps better stated, dissed by proxy.  An off-handed slur.

It Feels Like September 12th

It Feels Like September 12th

A pause in the conversation . . .
or a pause in the action,
as they say on Sports media coverage when pausing for a commercial or
other interruption.  Reaction to  the events of the day in
London take priority.

Not Like September 11th

A Blog or a Site? Differentiations.

Readers, Friends, Romans, countrymen, even those of you who arrived
here via some search engine query expecting to find who-knows-what:

A bug in the machin