November 2002

Leftovers & Candles

Leftovers & Now Candles

Yesterday it was Thanksgiving. Is it just me, or did the 4th Thursday of the month occur like, uh, a week late?

Despite this, it was a good day. We had a very nice time.

As usual, we cooked our Sourdough/Chestnuts/Parsley/Apple stuffing (enough to both stuff the bird, as well as three extra casserole dishes worth). The turkey was our best ever.

Deep Questions and Destiny

Deep Questions and Destiny

Some people spend many hours in deep thought, pondering deep and spiritual concerns, such as:

What is the meaning of life?
(answer found on the web here and also here)


Blog Musing

Personal Style and Technical Ability seem to be the key points of note when taking a big picture look at weblogs.

Personal Style refers to the writing style, subject matter, manner of presentation of prose, and to some degree, the regularity of posting.

Change of Weather or Germ Warfare?

Change of Weather or Germ Warfare?

With the change of weather came a case of Sinusitis and another ear infection. For the past week it has been misery, and then some. First a minor case of post-nasal drip, and a runny nose. Then a headache. Then a completely stuffed nose, and loss of voice. Those who know me know it means I am really sick when I canít talk.

Visual Autumn Splendor

Visual Autumn Splendor

Two trees at full foliage peak, just before the leaves are shed in preparation for the colder weather and snowfall.  Shot taken Nov 3, 2002, pulled over to a shoulder on the Palisades Parkway while still on the Jersey side.  These two trees were breath-taking, eye-catching, brilliant in color and juxtaposition.</p />
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Halloween Minus One

Halloween Minus One out for the goblins! Halloween is officially over, November is here, but for those who want to extend the moment, there are a few sites to visit for a special post-Halloween treat. (get it?