October 2002

Susan Was Right!

Susan Was Right!

I picked the Giants in 6.

Doc Searls picked the Giants in 5.

Susan picked the Angels in 7.

They say one should believe in the power of the rally monkey.  I say ask Tim Salmon, Troy Glaus, and that kid K-Rod if they believe.

From Bad to Qworst?

From Bad to Qworst

There's yet another investigation into Qwest, the company that seems to make WorldCom and Global Crossing seem like they were run by altar boys.

...the QWORST that could happen --  remember that song? The Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) launched an official investigation into Qwest Communications and allegations that it made a practice of hiding business deals from the state regulatory authority.

Autumn In New York?

Autumn in New York?

How can it be Autumn in New York, and there's no World Series here?

World Series Predictions

The very first ball field I went to was the Polo Grounds, in NYC, to see Willie Mays and the NY Giants.  They moved to the City by the Bay, but will always remain my favorite NL team!

The Giants in 6. Thatís my prediction.

It must be Autumn

It must be Autumn

Here it is again. October, the Major League Baseball playoffs, and the Yanks are back at it. Life is good. They beat the upstart Anaheim Angels with some of that Yankee aura and mystique last night. A come-from-behind win, on a monster home run from the bat of Bernie Williams.

Hmm. Should I go totally public, and post my predictions for the outcome of the Division Series, Championship Series, and the World Series? Or maybe I should wait until after each round and post just the predictions for the one coming up.